Buying real estate on Ærø

Certain rules apply, when you wish to puchase a house in Denmark. Of course, these rules also apply on Ærø.

There are differences in the rules depending on where in the world you come from and whether you have lived in Denmark before you buy property.

If you are a citizen of an EU or EEA country, you can acquire real estate without a permit for your own year-round residence or for the purpose of self-employment.

If you are not resident in the EU/EEA, different rules apply and it is typically more difficult to meet the criteria for buying real estate in Denmark.
It is important to distinguish between buying property for permanent residence and for a holiday home.

As a rule, Ærø Municipality's settlement officer does not guide foreigners who want to acquire a holiday home on Ærø.

You can read more about the rules that apply to the acquisition of real estate in Denmark in the overview (in Danish), which can be downloaded below.

About buying real estate in Denmark (Danish)

Apply for permission to buy a home

You can find the latest application form for permission to acquire a year-round home in both Danish and English on the Civil Services Agency's website.