Move to Ærø

Ærø - the island of opportunities


Do you dream of a life on an island?

Maybe that dream isn’t so farfetched after all! Ærø lies at the feet of Denmark, and you are more than welcome here.

For those who are considering moving to Ærø, it is often the appeal of a more simple and calm life, close to nature, that’s the reasoning behind the idea of moving here.

Alternatively, it is the appeal of a community where a safe environment, presence and forthcomingness of the residents are central.

They wish to be part of something; a town, a union, a group, where they feel they are somebody and have a purpose. They wish to be able to go out of their front door in the morning and be met by the smell of the ocean and by the neighbour who actually greets them and asks if they have slept well. And they wish to have the opportunity to be at the beach with the picnic basket only 3 minutes after the end of a working day.

For families with children, they wish to have the opportunity to give their children a childhood where they can grow up in Ærø’s safe environment to become responsible and independent individuals. Maybe you have other reasons for wanting to move here, and there is definitely room for you too!

Most people who wish to move here know Ærø as a holiday island, and are sometimes surprised to learn that this small island can also fulfil all of the above wishes, and it holds so many more opportunities than that. They discover the wide choice of school, childcare and care home options. They are enthusiastic over the varied union life and the many leisure activities for people of all ages, whether they are babies, teenagers, middle aged or seniors.

When it comes to jobs, there is a wide variety of businesses represented here, and often the island inspires enthusiasm and creativity, which encourages the entrepreneurial spirit within to bloom.    


Though Ærø is a small island geographically, it does not mean that you will be limited here. Ærø can do so much – and has potential for even more!

On these pages, you can read more about the island and discover more about what the island can offer you, if you choose to live on Ærø.

Welcome to Ærø