Childcare - an emphasis on social skills

Most Danish children begin public daycare as early as 9 months.

By the age of 3 almost all children in Denmark are attending public kindergartens, where most of the day is spent on "fri leg" - creative expression through own games - and an abundance of outdoors activities. 

The kindergartens are staffed by professionals who teach the children basic academic concepts like letters and numbers. But most importantly the children are trained in social skills, learning rules like taking turns and helping each other. 

On Ærø you will find everything your heart desires when it comes to the range of offers within childcare and school.

And you will soon discover that we take the well-being of families very seriously and put action behind words:

  • We guarantee offers of childcare within one month
  • For families with 3 or more children in municipal and private childcare or institution, care for the 3rd child and subsequent children is free
  • The food in the municipal children's institutions on Ærø is free
  • Kindergartens serve mostly organic food

You can get an overview of the many childcare offers by visiting Ærø Municipality's website.