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If you and your child are on your way to Ærø, it is only natural that you have a lot of questions, considering a change of school is right around the corner. So you need to look before you leap.

Any change of scene will be a big upheaval for a child or a young person. And they may already be quite satisfied with their current school. As the Danish proverb says: "Man ved, hvad man har, men ikke hvad man får" - meaning: "You know what you have, but not what you get". 

So the questions are in line:

  • When is it best to move?
  • Should the child be involved in all the considerations?
  • Which school to choose?
  • Will the child be happy with the new school?
  • And what about friends?

Children are different - even within a sibling group. That's why we recommend, that you visit the Ærø schools before you make a decision.

The right choice will make it easier for your child to settle in so that you and your family can thrive as islanders.

You can make an appointment with both the municipal and private school, maybe even visit both of them, so you can get a good sense of them before you register your child:

Once the choice has been made, a school has been chosen - and a proper farewell has been said to the old one - it is all about preparing your child in the best possible way. And letting the child know that you are in control of things.

We do not want you to throw caution to the wind. So please do not hesitate to contact the settlement team if you need to talk to someone.

You see, it is our vision that all Ærø children thrive and are socially and professionally competent.