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Housing oÆrø

The possibilities for you to fulfill your housing dreams on Ærø are well within reach.

Here is something for everyone: large and small townhouses, beautiful country houses and farms with land, practical and solid detached houses, as well as rental homes in all shapes and sizes.

You can get sea views or live surrounded by fields, settle in an old town or in a newer detached house neighborhood.

Rent or buy

Maybe you are so lucky that you find and buy your dream home before you move to Ærø.

But you might want to experience a bit of the island life at first with a rental home?

The settlement team has a landlord directory, which you can receive via email.

In addition, we have several good suggestions on how you can most easily find a rental home that meets your needs:

We recommend that you advertise in Ærø Ugeavis or call for rental housing on Facebook, as there are many helpful people who will do their utmost to help you along the way.

The settlement team has a hand in the Facebook page: "Rent a home on Ærø" and you are welcome to make a post that tells a little about you and your needs.

If you are interested in researching the housing market in more detail with a view to buying, you can find properties for sale on and for rent on

Search for housing, and link one of the following words to: Ærø, Ærøskøbing, Marstal, Søby, Birkholm - or use the postcodes 5960, 5970, 5985, 5965 in the search field.


Good luck with your home search on Ærø!


Lej bolig på Ærø

Lejebolig på Ærø

Ugeavisen Ærø

Tips for your property search

  • Visit Ærø, so you can see for yourself which areas of the island appeal to you the most and what type of accommodation matches your dreams.
  • Decide what you want in relation to the character and location of the home. Would you like to live in the countryside, in a village or in one of the towns?
  • Contact the settlement team who can guide you in relation to your wishes and needs regarding housing and location, neighboring culture and activities.
  • Contact the locals to learn more about the area. Many places have a local council that supports newly relocated families.


Special rules apply if you as a foreigner want to acquire real estate in Denmark.

Guidance for citizens / companies in EU / EEA countries when acquiring property in Denmark

Udlændinges huskøb i Danmark