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Rød grød med fløde


"Rød grød med fløde"

Rød grød med fløde - or red porrigde with cream - is not only a delicious Danish dessert, it is also a real tongue twister.  

For many newcomers in Denmark it takes a while to feel comfortable using the Danish language in everyday life.

Attending Sprogskole (language school) for a couple of hours a week, might not be enough to make you feel, that you master the pronunciation yet.

You might consider supplementing the Sprogskole with an app, since technology is making it easier than ever to learn a language.

However, every day chitchat might be the key to practice the special Danish sounds, that are so challenging to many foreigners.

Danes are good at English, and the slightest detection of a foreign accent will push the conversation back to English.

Therefore, if you want to master our Danish faster, it is necessary to ask and to expect the patience and support from Danes.

Soon you will be speaking like the locals.

It might not be scintillating conversation at all times, but hey, that’s reality!

Be proud of your level of Danish and your confidence will continue to rise.


The Language School on Ærø

Are you interested in Danish lessons?

Please contact Signe Vedel for information:

The language school on Ærø is situated in Vestergade 32, 5960 Marstal.

The school is run by the supplier AOF. If you are unable to attend due to illness, you can contact Eva Tønderring from AOF on telephone number 40110726

Danish Lessons

When moving to Ærø, you will be offered partially free Danish lessons from Ærø Kommune (municipality).

The Danish in-person course takes place at a language center, and you will receive teaching alongside others, who have recently moved to Denmark.

A letter of information about the course will be sent to your e-box shortly after you have been registered at Borgerservice.

After receiving the letter, you have access to up to 3.5 years of teaching within a period of 5 years.

The tuition begins with a test to clarify your level. Thereafter you can start at Danish 1, 2 or 3.

Immigrants with EU registration / certificate pay a start fee for the tuition as well as a fee per module.

It is important that you react within a month of receiving the letter from the municipality, stating when you want to begin learning Danish, because the 5 years are calculated from the date of the referral.

Curious of how to pronounce "rød grød med fløde"?