Settlement - meet the team

Do you dream of island life?

Ærø Municipality's ambition is that you feel welcome and supported - especially if you have speculations and questions that arise in connection with a move to Ærø.

Therefore, the municipality has hired two settlement consultans, who you are very welcome to contact, regardless of whether you are still only dreaming of moving to the island, or you have already arrived with the moving load.

The settlement team can generally guide you and give you all the information you need to create a life on Ærø and can be contacted by phone and email, but is also very happy to meet you over a cup of coffee.

It is often a social meeting, such as this, that opens up for possibilities for dreams to come true.

Joan lykke Ammersbøl Settlement consultant in Ærø Municipality
Joan Lykke Ammersbøll
Telephone: 63525003


Bjørg Dalheim Settlement consultant i Ærø Municipality
Bjørg Dalheim
Telephone: 63525063