Ærø Ambassador

Ærø Ambassador

'The Ærø Ambassadors' are an important part of the settlement effort on our island.

These are various people with knowledge of Ærø, who like to meet potential newcomers.

Do you want to meet an Ærø ambassador?

When you contact us, it is typically because you have a number of questions about life on Ærø.

Many of your questions are probably of a practical nature, while others may be more about social life: Will I settle in? Will I get a social network?

What we need is you telling us a little about yourself and what your island life should contain.

Based on your informations, we will reach out to our network of Ærø Ambassadors. Thereafter we mediate the contact and hope for a pleasant and informative meeting.

Do you want to meet an Ærø ambassador?

Then feel free to contact the settlement team!

Do you want to present Ærø to potential newcomers?

As an Ærø ambassador, you contribute to facilitate the newcomers' transition to a life as an islander.

By doing so, you are helping to create better integration for new Ærø residents and helping to build bridges between people - future, new and 'old' Ærø residents?

Are you interested in becoming an Ærø Ambassador? Contact the settlement team!