Visit our island

Visit our island

Have you started dreaming of moving to Ærø?

A move will always involve a wide range of considerations. And so it should be!

If you are considering settling on Ærø, it may be the possibility of a simpler and quieter life - close to nature - that seems attractive.

Perhaps you have seen a society where security, presence and friendliness are key features. And you feel a growing desire to be a part of something: a city, an association, a group, where you feel you are visible and important.

You want to walk out your door in the morning and be greeted by the smell of the sea and the neighbor actually greeting you.
You want the opportunity to be able to be at the beach with the food basket within a few minutes after work.

If you have children, you might want to give them an upbringing where they can develop by being assigned responsibilities at an early age - because here is safe.

We will always recommend that you take your time to visit Ærø, so that you can explore for yourself.

You will see the wide range of school, childcare and care options; and get excited about the diverse association life and the many leisure activities, for people of all ages.

When it comes to jobs, there is a wide range of professions represented here, but often the island also inspires a desire for creativity and creativity that makes the entrepreneurial years flourish for many.

Maybe you have completely different reasons for wanting to settle on the island, and there is definitely room for you too!