The Grey Gold

The grey gold
Senior citizens in Denmark are often referred to as 'det grå guld', ie The Gray Gold, a metaphorical term used about the elderly, as they benefit society in so many ways - also after finishing working life.

Ærø is often described as a paradise for seniors. Consequently, more and more people are choosing to settle here and enjoy their retirement. Maybe choosing a quiet secluded life in harmony with nature; or as an active senior involved in several activities. Or a nice middle ground!

Senior activities
Ærø offers you a wealth of options when it comes to senior activities, for body as well as mind.

Gymnastics, tennis, rowing, golf, hiking, yoga, folk high school, lectures, reading circles, singing, cinema clubs, painting - and many, many more.

You can also dedicate to voluntary work in local organisations and really make a difference to your fellow islanders of all ages as well as to local and global organizations.

Visits by family and friends
One concern you may have when moving to Ærø at a late age, is whether family and friends will come visit?

Rest assured! Children and grandchildren can become almost addicted to visiting you on 'Paradise Island', because of the countless careles moments when generations gather for fun holiday activities.

Friends will love a weekend visit with the prospect of wonderful surroundings, walks in nature, lovely restaurant visits, a brewery tour or maybe a spontaneous concert?

Indeed, many of our seniors actually have so much to look forward to - and they truly enjoy it!

Not least because many become part of engaging, inspiring and interesting communities.

Welcome to Ærø