Mayor's welcome

Denmark has many lovely islands, but only one like Ærø! The island is still one of a kind!

Although Ærø is highly regarded as a holiday island, we are increasingly experiencing that more and more people are opening their eyes and hearts to the well-functioning year-round society, which as an alternative to city life can form a framework around ‘the good life’.

In both 2020 and 2021, we thus had a positive number of settlers. Many chose Ærø after visiting the island and now want to experience the exciting communities and the unspoiled nature that is right outside the front door every day, all year round. And it is uplifting that more and more people born on the island return home when it's time to start a family.

Common to most people is the dream of a harmonious life. With security, freedom and - not least - time. Time to get some soil under the nails, perhaps even with a degree of self-sufficiency. Time for social engagement. Time to get to know ancient traditions. And start brand new ones. Time to enjoy the surroundings and the people you care about.

Ærø Municipality is one of Denmark's smallest municipalities, but that does not prevent us from having visionary plans for the future. Especially when it comes to sustainability and renewable energy, which are areas where we work strategically with ambitious projects.

The opportunities are diverse when it comes to work and entrepreneurship, and several Ærø companies have experienced progress in recent years and need to increase their staff so that the positive growth can continue.

The lightning-fast fiber network, that covers most of the island, opens up for the possability to work from home. And with the numerous ferry departures, it is easy and convenient to be a commuter or flex commuter.

Optimism is to be found everywhere; with creativity as the common thread. New eateries, accommodations and shops are opening. The real estate agents are busy, and fortunately the distance between the vacant houses is getting bigger and bigger. And even the tiniest villages are experiencing a real boom.

Maybe your future lies on our little green island in the middle of the South Funen archipelago - an hour's sailing from the mainland. Come and be part of the positive development. Here you can focus on work and career, while having time for your family and your free time.

On Ærø, the sky is high and there is room enough to think big thoughts, all the while creating the life you dream of - focusing on what matters most to you.

Welcome home to Ærø!

Peter Hansted

Mayor of Ærø Municipality


Peter Hansted, mayor of Ærø

Peter Hansted, mayor of Ærø

Ærø Municipality

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