A home on Ærø

How does your dream home look?

On Ærø there is something for everyone. Here you will find both large and small town houses, beautiful country properties and farms with land, practical detached houses and impressive classic villas. You can have a sea view or live surrounded by fields, settle in an old part of town, in a newer detached house quarter or in one of the island's many villages.

At Boligsiden.dk you can get an overview of which homes are for sale on Ærø right now. And it pays to check the housing page often, because things are going strong on Ærø at the moment - at least when it comes to the housing market.

Buying and selling homes on Ærø has become an intense affair in recent years, where it is not uncommon for houses to sell in less than a week or not reach the market at all before it is sold as a drawer sale.

Maybe you want to find and buy your dream home before you move to Ærø. Perhaps you prefer to find a rental property on the island. Or maybe you want to move to the island and live in a temporary apartment while you get to know the island and start buying.

Regardless of which path you choose, we would be happy to help you further. Then write an email to Ærø's settlement team if you have questions about buying and renting housing on Ærø.