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Family life on Ærø

Life with children on Ærø is characterized by security, time and freedom.

On Ærø, we know the people we meet daily in our local area. People greet each other and make small talk on the streets and alleys, wave on the country road and nod on the cycle path. There is also talk that there is a "greeting duty" here on the island.

That culture helps to create a completely unique environment, where you automatically look after each other, because you have a form of community. The trust and recognition we show each other on a daily basis across social strata and generations is a strong starting point for a rich and safe family life.

In addition to the openness and helpfulness that Ærø residents are known for, it is no secret that we are enormously privileged on Ærø when it comes to the physical environment. The varied nature and maritime culture offer a wealth of opportunities for an active life, where you can fill your free time with activities in and with nature, both together with others and on your own.

A family life on Ærø is a life in close connection with nature. A life of light and air, beach and sea, field and forest - all right outside the door.

Day care on Ærø 

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Schools on Ærø 

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Family on the beach

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