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Welcome to Ærø

The mayor's welcome letter (Photo credits: Hanne Juul / Aller foto & video)

Welcom to Ærø

Denmark has many lovely islands. But only one like Ærø. Ærø is synonymous with big skies, beautiful nature and . Here you can create the life you dream of with a focus on what matters most to you. More and more people are opening their eyes to our well-functioning year-round community and seeing all the opportunities and the great freedom that island life offers.

In 2020 and 2021, we experienced an increase in immigration, which means that our lovely island has positive immigration numbers. Many choose to move permanently to Ærø after experiencing the island as a holiday guest. Common to most immigrants is the dream of a harmonious life. They want an everyday life with more freedom and more time to do the things that matters most to them. They want to create a better work-life balance and to live in the middle of absolutely fantastic nature, where new experiences await outside the front door every single day.

More and more people who were born and raised on Ærø return home when it is time to start a family. It is both uplifting and very understandable. Because a child's life here on the island is something very special. We also have the most satisfied parents in the whole of Denmark when it comes to our day care, a large study from 2022 shows.

It may well be that Ærø Municipality is one of Denmark's smallest municipalities, but that does not prevent us from thinking big thoughts and having visionary plans for the future. Especially when it comes to sustainability and renewable energy, which are areas where we work strategically with ambitious projects.

The possibilities are diverse when it comes to work and entrepreneurship, and several local companies have seen progress in recent years and need to increase their staff so that the positive growth can continue. The lightning-fast fiber network that covers most of the island makes Ærø an obvious place to work from home. And with an hour's sailing to the mainland and numerous ferry departures, it is easy and convenient to be a commuter or flex commuter.

Perhaps your future is waiting for you here on our bright green island in the middle of the South Funen archipelago. 

Welcome home to Ærø!

Yours sincerely
Peter Hansted
Mayor of Ærø


Statene 2
5970 Ærøskøbing

+45 63525000


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