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Finding a job on Ærø

On an island with around 6,000 inhabitants, it can be a challenge to find a job that exactly matches your education, your ambitions and your dreams.

Both the municipal services and the business community on Ærø are wide-ranging and therefore contain many types of interesting jobs. There are jobs in crafts, culture, tourism, service, production, digital and many other exciting areas. There are over twenty different maritime companies.

On Ærø, we have come a long way in the process of establishing a fiber network throughout the island.

This helps to ensure good conditions for digitally dependent companies


Entrepreneurship culture

Ærø has a strong entrepreneurial culture and many fine projects within entrepreneurship are flourishing.

The new companies are often created in a collaboration with others and are well supported by the local business office.

The business office offers advice from professionals has events and courses and offers a great entrepreneurial network in collaboration with Fremtidsfabrikken in Svendborg.

Contact Ærø Tourist & Business Office if you have an entrepreneurial dream that must come true.

Statene 2
5970 Ærøskøbing

+45 63525000


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