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Move to Ærø

What are your dreams in life?

Perhaps you dream of everyday life with a view of the sea. Perhaps you dream of having more space and more time together with your family. 

Perhaps you dream of a work life with more freedom and a focus on the things that matter to you. Maybe you’re dreaming about community and starting up your own business.

Ærø is for many a dream come true. A dream of a different life.

On Ærø, we have everything you need to make everyday life work. We have some of the very best kindergartens in the country, two great, but very different, elementary schools, and a maritime high-school. We have plenty of opportunities for a challenging and meaningful work life, lots of interesting communities, and a multitude of social events all year round. We have free public buses, supermarkets, many exciting specialty shops, restaurants, and coffee shops. All this make Ærø a good place to live a good life, not that different from a lot of other beautiful places in Denmark.

But Ærø is different

If you have been to Ærø and experienced the island's unique atmosphere, fantastic nature and helpful islanders, you know what we are talking about when we say that Ærø is something special. 

Regardless of whether you dream of a work-from-home office with lightning-fast internet combined with a beautiful view or a life with less work and more yoga, you have the opportunity to live out your dreams on Ærø. It may well be that we live on an island. But you are not limited here. On the contrary, many newcomers experience that unexpected opportunities arrise and find the inspiration to start something completely new.



We will respond to your inquiry within five working days.

Let us help you

Ærø Municipality can guide you in connection with moving to Ærø. Please let us know, if you have any questions regarding Ærø and island life.

You are also very welcome to make an appointment to come visit us here at the town hall in Ærøskøbing. We can offer you a cup of coffee and a chat about all the opportunities you and your family have here on Ærø.


Housing on Ærø

The possibilities for you to fulfill your housing dreams on Ærø are well within reach.

Here is something for everyone: large and small townhouses, beautiful country houses and farms with land, practical and solid detached houses, as well as rental homes in all shapes and sizes.

You can get sea views or live surrounded by fields, settle in an old town or in a newer detached house neighborhood. 

Buying a house on Ærø

When buying a house, there are some steps you need to follow and a few rules you need to consider.

Read more here

Rent a house

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