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The settlement house

The settlement house is a stepping-stone to move to Ærø and live long-term. The house is a temporary base from where you can get to know Ærø - find a work, find a home and make a life for yourself on the island.

Before you move into the house, a legally binding tenancy agreement is made. The tenancy agreement specifies the rent, security deposit, insurance etc. Both the tenant and Ærø Kommune need to sign the contract. 

Rent and other expenses 

  • Rent 4.523,00 DKK per month + water. The rent is regulated every year in February.
  • Water is billed by the meter. There will be no electricity costs as the house is powered via solar heating system and other energy efficient installations.
  • Internet is included in the rent.
  • Security deposit 3.000,00 DKK.

The settlement house is rented out for specific time periods three times a year.

1. March - 30. June

1. July - 31. October

1. November - 28. February

Below you find photos of the settlement house. Since the photos were taken, the walls have been painted. Also, the rooms are decorated differently. We will upload new photos as soon as possible.

Forsiden af bosætningshuset

Bagsiden af bosætningshuset

Haven om bosætningshuset

Køkken i bosætningshuset

Trappeopgang i bosætningshuset

Stuen i bosætningshuset

Bryggers i bosætningshuset

Toilet i bosætningshuset

Værelse i bosætningshuset

Værelse i bosætningshuset

Værelse i bosætningshuset

Overetagen i bosætningshuset

Plantegning af bosætningshuset

Statene 2
5970 Ærøskøbing

+45 63525000


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